Sports Death Scenes in Movies

Tight spiral, right to the breadbasket. Put me in coach!

We’d like to give credit where credit is due (even though one of us is a teacher, no extra credit is forthcoming). Still, a gold star for this: Sports Related Death Scenes, a completist’s companion to our list of Sports Equipment Murders. The difference is we focused on horror movies and killers who actually used sports equipment to commit murder.

Still, that other list features a nice accidental fatal baseball to the noggin (Simon Birch, 1998), one of the reasons apart from crushing boredom, we don’t attend many baseball games. Also, they managed to track down two gymnastics-related offings (again, no equipment used in the killings but some pretty stellar deaths): Final Destination 5 and Graduation Day (below):

Graduation Day

The Troma Entertainment slasher Graduation Day, features a sprinter who collapses and drops dead after a 100-meter dash (one of the reasons we’re averse to running, the other being the fashion isn’t aesthetically pleasing).

graduation-day_murderThe killer, in all likelihood a former sociopathic gym teacher (and really, is there any other kind?) armed with a stopwatch and switchblade then starts killing off members of the track team to the point in which there is no one left to pass the baton.

In the clip above, a pole-vaulter’s dismount is ruined by spikes and we’re not talking about the ones on his shoes. And Graduation Day features another football death the likes of which we covered in Prom Night III: the ol’ killer football, in this case, complete with a sword…definitely a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Interestingly, Vanna White pre-Wheel of Fortune makes an appearance. Puzzle solved!

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