mines-bigger-book-coverMine’s Bigger Than Yours! The 100 Wackiest Action Movies

“If you’re an action movie fan, a B-movie fan, a movie book fan, and or a fan of damn good and fascinating movie criticism, you should make an effort to track down, own, and read.”
411 Mania

“A must-read for action fans, clearly written with love for the genre.”
The Action Elite

“Interesting and hilarious…horrible action flicks that have flown under the radar.”
3rd Strike 
“A fun encyclopedia of bad action movies.”
Vents Magazine  
“…an original and unreservedly recommended addition to personal, professional, community, college, and university library Film History collections and supplemental curriculum studies lists.”
Midwest Book Review

DeathByUmbrellacover-500x500Death By Umbrella! The 100 Weirdest Horror Movie Weapons

“Not a page or sentence is wasted, and I genuinely can’t think of another non-fiction horror movie book that’s gripped me as much as this one in a long time. Though that could just be the lack of oxygen from laughing so hard.” UK Horror Scene

“Lovingly written with verve for the viscera, Death by Umbrella! is fun and funny…”

“…rich with context and analysis…gruesome [yet] all in good fun…a celebration of the genre”
LA Weekly

“Really entertaining and often amusing…”
Scream Magazine

“…an extremely fun book…”
Hayes Hudson’s House of Horror

“…what separates Death by Umbrella! from your run-of-the-mill glossary is the amount of heart and appreciation within its pages…Recommended for gorehounds, list-lovers and trivia fiends…”
Rue Morgue

Here’s a chat with Shock Till You Drop about Death by Umbrella!


“…a truly nifty podcast that celebrates the world of b-movies that will likely become part of your week as soon as you listen to one episode…”

“..Few podcasts deconstruct horror, sci-fi and exploitative films with this much integrity….a well-composed joyride in B movie criticism…”
Yonge Street Media

3 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I am a thirty something female American gal who stumbled upon your podcast while perusing my Stitcher app….I love all things horror, Troma, b-movie, etc. and grew up watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents followed by Friday the 13th the series then Monsters the series and of course, Freddie’s Nighmares, the series on Saturday nights while my grandmother was supposed to be babysitting but fell asleep 🙂 The late 80s held some strange late night tv on the the USA network and the later “UP All Night with Ronda Shear” show. Anyway, your review of Hello Marylou Prom Night II….took me waay back to being 8 years old and terrified. I LOVE IT. I travel a lot for work and your podcast gets me through it. I love you guys and just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. Is it just me or were all the greats in 88? Totally fangirling….

    Andrea, Columbus Ohio

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Andrea!
      Really appreciate the feedback.
      One of us grew up watching AHP as well (Charles Gounod’s theme is permanently etched into the grey matter). We’ll give you a shout-out in an upcoming episode…


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