Our new action movie book is here!

In case you were wondering why this site hasn’t been updated to the extent that you’re used to, wonder no more! We are pleased to announce that our new book is available for pre-order (“pre-order” sounds like a George Carlin gripe about “pre-boarding” but hey. Order, pre-order, whatever you can). Mine’s Bigger Than Yours: TheContinue reading “Our new action movie book is here!”

8 Scary Horror Movie Imaginary Friends

Anytime someone sees something in a horror film someone else cannot — that’s fodder for fright, whether it’s a chimerical figure, a portal to hell, a creature in the woods, or yes, imaginary friends. It was once a consensus in psychiatric circles that kids (it’s usually kids) with imaginary friends were mentally disturbed introverts who needContinue reading “8 Scary Horror Movie Imaginary Friends”