Beast of Blood

Eddie Romero’s Beast of Blood, aka Blood Devils, is the third and final film in the Filipino director’s “Blood Island” saga. Not having seen the first two, I felt a tad lost and confused – a feeling not dissimilar to delving straight into the “Antigone” portion of Sophocles’ Oedipus cycle. The film begins mere minutesContinue reading “Beast of Blood”

20 Signs You Might Be in a Bad Horror Movie

Twenty Signs You Might Be in a Bad Horror Movie 1. You open your kitchen cabinet and a hissing cat inexplicably jumps out at you. Sometimes, for variety, an off-screen cat will break something a la Friday the 13th: The New Beginning or they’ll jump out of a garbage can (Halloween II) and scare theContinue reading “20 Signs You Might Be in a Bad Horror Movie”