Serial Killer Culture

We have to make choices about what is worth remembering. Well, not us, luckily, but historians (although, depending on how you classify history, as authors of two comprehensive genre film books, Mine’s Bigger Than Yours and Death by Umbrella we may even qualify ourselves). Serial Killer Culture is a 2014 documentary whose principals share aContinue reading “Serial Killer Culture”

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight

The “camp out in the woods” subgenre of horror is rich in content, if not in quality. For every Deliverance, The Burning, Southern Comfort, Rituals, and the compellingly underrated The Final Terror, there’s three or four dozen plus nubiles frolicking on a summer retreat flicks. At its nadir, there’s the ineptly hilarious Don’t Go inContinue reading “Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight”