Night of the Bloody Apes

Night of the Bloody Apes is an el cheapo Mexican flick that features a nearly irresistible combination of luchador wrestling, mad science and nudity. It’s also bloody. And there are apes. A female masked wrestler Lucy, launches her copyright-infringing Catwoman-attired opponent, out of a wrestling ring – but that’s just the beginning. There’s also aContinue reading “Night of the Bloody Apes”

End of the Line

All aboard…the night train! James Brown Predating the craptacular Midnight Meat Train (no meat was harmed during the production) is another public transit-themed horror, End of the Line. In both, it seems commuters have decided to eschew the subway in favor of other modes of transit as subway systems in Philadelphia and Toronto respectively, areContinue reading “End of the Line”