Slumber Party Massacre II

The “driller killer” (pictured here) coos lines like “…got a penthouse at the Ritz, I bought it with my hits!” and “let’s buzzzzzzz!” lights up smokes, chugs wine and shimmies his hips before putting his victims through any more horrors. As Confucius says: “clever talk and a domineering manner have little to do with beingContinue reading “Slumber Party Massacre II”

Rob Zombie’s Halloween

Horror franchises, like burger ones, are successful. There is consistency and sameness. And like their restaurant counterparts, most of the time you wouldn’t want to eat there (unless your car broke down on a deserted highway nearby…). There’s not much to distinguish between many gore films other than execution—and we’re talking both director as wellContinue reading “Rob Zombie’s Halloween”