Wolfcop_posterSergeant Lou Garou is used to waking up a little fuzzy. As a (barely) functioning alcoholic cop in the small town of Woodhaven, Garou spends many a morning trying to piece together the night before while nursing a killer hangover. But when he wakes up with a pentagram carved into his chest and enhanced smell and hearing…well let’s just say a little fuzzy soon takes on a whole new meaning.

In WolfCop, a new release from writer/director Lowell Dean, Garou is a shitty cop in a shitty town – the sort of town where the cop shop is boarded up and “Pigs” is graffitied all over the plywood. There is a mayoral race and the annual Drink N’ Shoot to look forward to. There’s also a drug ring operated by a pint-sized gangster who sometimes is attired as an extra from The Matrix and a possible cult doing nefarious things in the woods.

Lou Garou eventually becomes a Loup Garou – a werewolf. And the practical transformation scene is a sight to behold. The beast within literally tears through Garou’s skin, emerging like a baby out of the womb as Garou’s discarded flesh is tossed hither and fro. The makeup effects are effective and when Lou is all wolfed out while still in uniform, amusing as well.

Wolfcop_2Lou joins up with local gun-shop owner Willie to take down some baddies, but not before he pimps his ride and creates a badass Wolfmobile, replete with “W” logo. Faces are torn, limbs are severed and vandals are urinated upon. There’s also an incredible scene where Garou, fully transformed and fully naked, has sex in a holding cell with the local sexy barmaid to the tune Moonlight Desires by 80s Canadian superstar and current lead singer of Styx Lawrence Gowan. Bet’cha never saw Lon Chaney Jr. do that! 

One cannot go into a film entitled WolfCop without expecting a little tongue cheek action, and Wolcop’s tongue is firmly planted. The film is a little uneven at times and takes a bit to truly get going, but once the beast is unleashed, the film is a hoot. There are some good practical gore effects and also some memorable lines such as when Willie says to Lou, “You’re a wolf!” and Lou growls back in his best Harry Callahan by way of Larry Talbot, “Cop!”

The ending promises WolfCop II in 2016 and we’re willing to take another bite.

***1/2 (out of five)

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One thought on “WolfCop

  1. You sold me with “practical transformation scene”, lost me at “Wolfmobile, replete with ‘W’ logo”, then won me back when you said there’s a werewolf sex scene. Sounds pretty crazy!

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