Dr. Giggles

Dr. Giggles is more of a discredit to the medical profession than a conference of homeopaths and is among the least imaginative slasher films you’ll ever see. And that’s saying something for a genre not actually known for summiting the peaks of creative ambition. The first 30 seconds is a cliché (a quote from Hippocrates), while Paul Rodgers caterwauls the awful “Bad Case of LovingContinue reading “Dr. Giggles”

The House on Sorority Row

A good friend helps you move, a great friend helps you move a body, the joke goes. Fatalism is a key component of film noir and The House on Sorority Row introduces us to a fatalistic “what have we done?” moment that’s atypical of your typical slasher. A group of extremely attractive sorority girls hoping to haveContinue reading “The House on Sorority Row”