Our new action movie book is here!

In case you were wondering why this site hasn’t been updated to the extent that you’re used to, wonder no more! We are pleased to announce that our new book is available for pre-order (“pre-order” sounds like a George Carlin gripe about “pre-boarding” but hey. Order, pre-order, whatever you can).

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours: The 100 Wackiest Action Movies is our paean to the glorious genre that is action film, and has a wonderful foreword by Brian Trenchard-Smith (Strike of the Panther/Stunt Rock). We’ve been working diligently to make it as funny and comprehensive as possible, and it will give not only Seagal, JCVD their due, but also genre stalwarts like Vic Diaz, Cameron Mitchell and the incredible Reb Brown.

So, if you’re a fan of people hanging off the sides of helicopters, shootouts in abandoned warehouses, choice zingers delivered pre-ass whuppin’, heavily fortified island drug dealer compounds and terrible movies lensed in the Philippines, pick up a copy! It’ll be available in store in September/October.


Published by Really Awful Movies

Horror movie authors and journalists who also review exploitation, action, grindhouse, kung fu, sci fi and other genre films. We are hosts of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, a celebration of low budget cinema - smart genre film chat, predominantly horror movies.

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