Bunny the Killer Thing

Foreign horrors often benefit from cultural unfamiliarity. Bunny the Killer Thing (2015) is one such film. Not that it’s unwatchable by any means, but it carries with it a kind of societal advantage of not being set on these shores, upping the interest level that might not otherwise have been there. A raunchy Finnish horror/comedy (with English and Finnish breezilyContinue reading “Bunny the Killer Thing”


A doddering projectionist declares “nobody cares for magic anymore” in Chillerama, this paean to the movie drive-in, a phenomenon which debuted in 1933 for 25 cents a car in Camden New Jersey, across the river from Philadelphia. It’s a film meant to conjure up the magic of the experience, which to horror fans meant the 70s, chronicledContinue reading “Chillerama”