Spider Baby

A cheeky exploration of in/out-group dynamics, Spider Baby takes us into the decrepit Los Angeles estate of the Merrye family descendants, sterile genetic defectives suffering from a condition that makes them revert to atavistic, cannibal behavior. This includes offing the poor local postie, slicing him to bits after trapping¬†him in a web, but not beforeContinue reading “Spider Baby”

Brain Damage

A lamprey symbiont attaches itself to the cerebrospinal fluid of a host, injecting him with psychedelic visions. If THAT premise doesn’t get your juices flowing, you won’t care for the impudent, weirdly compelling little movie,¬†Brain Damage. The follow up to Basket Case, Frank Henenlotter, on a bigger budget and a bigger, better idea, tops hisContinue reading “Brain Damage”