Johnny Gruesome

johnnygruesomeA murdered teen returns from the grave as a supernatural creature seeking vengeance in…JOHNNY GRUESOME.

The film, directed by Greg Lamberson (Slime City/Killer Rack) wrapped up principal photography down the road from us in Buffalo, New York, and Jeff from the Really Awful Movies Podcast had the pleasure of visiting the set.

CHECK OUT THE JOHNNY GRUESOME PODCAST HERE, featuring the following interviewees:

Co-star April Ann is appearing in her first major acting gig! April talked about how she prepared for the role, delving into Greg’s source novel Johnny Gruesome, and working with co-star Anthony De La Torre. 

Producer John Renna is the founder of JFR Productions out of Buffalo NY. Renna discussed the Buffalo Dreams Film Festival, his film, Dick Johnson & Tommygun vs. The Cannibal Cop: Based on a True Story, the Johnny Gruesome production process and the untimely demise of a prop hand!

foursomeDirector Greg Lamberson discussed the genesis of the project, three decades plus in the making. But unlike other long-awaited projects (we’re looking at you Chinese Democracy), this will exceed all expectations. Greg chatted about adapting his work, filming Johnny Gruesome with a bigger budget than he’s accustomed, and how the shoot went. 

Special effects artist Craig Lindberg gave Jeff the inside scoop on what it’s like to do the makeup on Saturday Night Live. The show is…drumroll…yes…actually live. Duh. You’d be amazed how many people think it isn’t. And backstage can be really really hectic. The makeup / effects people are an unheralded bunch, but an integral part of the success of the long-running sketch comedy show. 

Anthony De La Torre (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) plays the lead role in Johnny Gruesome, teen Johnny Grissom. Anthony talked about recording his “Matador” album in Nashville (Check out the De La Torre Band here) and his starring role in Lords of Chaos, an intriguing film about the Norwegian death metal scene.   

A big thanks to Greg and all for the invite and the fantastic interviews!


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  1. Hi, it’s Craig Lindberg.
    It was awesome listening to the pod cast.
    Especially, me.
    If I can get other makeup artists to do a phone in podcast would you be interested

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