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***A reminder: For fans of low budget/horror cinema, The Really Awful Movies Podcast is updated weekly, every Saturday morning. We’re proud to be part of Eli Roth’s Crypt TV.

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Our approach is low-tech. We get together, grab a few beverages (you might hear the pouring of a refreshing IPA beer or ice clinking in a rum and coke) and cut loose.

We like to think we’re smart, fresh and informative. We’re not only horror authors (title coming out in 2016) but produce films as well. We don’t claim to know everything, but we’re well read and will happily insert everything from high-brow literary references to very-low pro wrestling ones.

We focus on the films, with occasional interjections from our personal lives (we’ve been horror / genre film fanatics since our teens). We promise no in-jokes or self-referential tangents, things that sully other podcasts (As a result, our shows are frequently much shorter than your average podcast, typically around 30 minutes , but longer for interview segments). We also promise to pull no punches. No anodyne, mealy-mouthed PC language here.

The Really Awful Movies Podcast covers four main areas:

  1. Reviews. This is our bread and butter. We review films old and new; as our tagline says, “from the 1960s to today.” Our specialties are horror of all stripes, obscure action movies, animal attack movies, musical curiosities, big budget commercial failures and Canon films. We’ve recently looked at The Concorde: Airport 79, Prom Night (the original VS the remake), Jean Claude Van Damme’s Double Impact, Xanadu, Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Dario Argento’s Phenomenon.
  2. Interviews. We’ve had horror journalists and authors on our show, as well as actors. We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Entertainment), Ed Neal (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Tony Todd (Candyman) and Giovanni Lombardo Radice (Cannibal Ferox/City of the Living Dead), Victoria Price (Vincent’s daughter), Mitch Markowitz (The Hilarious House of Frightenstein) to name a few. We’re honored to be invited to chat with indie filmmakers, occasionally doing junkets (Turbo Kid), calling for a talk or meeting them at conventions. It is part of our mandate to give these directors a forum, as well as their actors.
  3. Event coverage. We frequently attend conventions, whether it’s Fan Expo, Shock Stock, or Toronto’s Horror Rama. We’ll interview vendors, fans and of course, genre cinema luminaries.
  4. Movie subjects. We occasionally delve into a specific topic in horror, such as the use of social media, gore, nudity and how travel and tourism is featured in the genre. Sometimes there’s overlap as these themes will be paired with films we review.

The bottom line: We’re passionate about film. We love movies, good and bad, and we love talking about them.

Join us every Saturday. We’d love to have you!

And if you like what you see/hear, don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@awful_movies), and maybe subscribe/rate/leave a comment on iTunes.

Thanks for reading/listening and have a really awful day!

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Genre film reviewers covering horror and action films. Books include: Mine's Bigger Than Yours! The 100 Wackiest Action Movies and Death by Umbrella! The 100 Weirdest Horror Movie Weapons.

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