Shock Stock 2015

Shock_StockThe annual Shock Stock Weekend Subculture Celebration is a convention put on by self-styled “scumbags” James Bialkowski and Jake Grimbro of Grimbrothers Entertainment and Vagrancy Films. Held every year in London, Ontario, the convention has attained near mythic-status for both the actual show and the associated afterparties. It seems that every year, something wild, crazy and memorable happens at Shock Stock.

Despite this being the fifth annual Shock Stock, it’s the first one that the Really Awful Movie Team has had the pleasure of attending. Let’s just say that the reputation preceding Shock Stock was not hyperbole. Between the great vendors, attendees, guests and the incredible parties, (including the controversial inaugural crowning of Ms. Shock Stock – Check YouTube!) an amazingly memorable time was had by all – Scumbag style! Thanks Jake and James and we can’t wait until next year!

To hear some of the great conversations we had at Shock Stock, check out our Shock Stock Podcast!

Edwin Neal - The Hitchhiker in TCM
Edwin Neal – The Hitchhiker in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Zombies everywhere!
The incomparable Tony Todd – Master of the Fist Bump and one of the Coolest Cats you’ll ever meet.
It’s always a treat to see a Troma booth. Would’ve liked to have bought everything!
We miss him dearly too.
Jaramie Rain from Last House on the Left. One of the sweetest ladies with tons of incredible stories to tell. Just listen to our Shock Stock podcast to hear some!
Like something out of Street Trash.
Giovanni Lombardo Radice. Euro-horror legend and the man of 1000 deaths.
Adult Star Jessie Lee. Look for her in Killer Kleavage from Outer Space.
Getting Zombified.
Miss Shock Stock Contender Shotzi Blackheart.
Jonathan Tiersten – Star of The Perfect House and Ricky in Sleepaway Camp.

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