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Brian Bosworth was once, for a brief wrinkle in time, an 80s action staple, complete with Brock Lesnar hair and wraparound blue shades.

The Virus star, whom we discuss in our podcast, was also one of the most highly regarded defensive players in NCAA football history and proceeded to annoy everyone at the professional level with his unprofessional antics (which included attending Seattle Seahawks practises by helicopter).

He was more WWE than NFL but wasn’t ‘roided up enough to succeed (but he definitely paved the way for illegal substance use, a kind of pharma trailblazer long before today’s current crop of cheating Seattle Seahawks).

Anyway, in Virus he’s an ex-football star who’s a secret service man protecting the president at Camp David (in actuality, a camping ground north of Toronto) and he gets wind of an evil germ warfare plot that nobody but he, a pill-popping trucker and a tracheotomy-performing veterinarian can thwart (that is, tracheotomies on humans. We can only speculate if she resuscitates Chihuahuas with the same technique in her practise).

This is a stinker, done on the cheap with cinematography that wouldn’t pass muster as a wedding video.

There’s also a bizarre subplot involving of all things, geysers. Anyway, we were pretty steamed at having to endure 90 minutes of this. For a disease outbreak movie, the body count was comparable to a restaurant with health violations, when these kinds of flicks should have bodies littering the sound stage.

Proceed at your own peril and vaccinate yourself against Virus. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

*1/2 (out of 5)

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