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Robin Bougie is a grindhouse movie expert, a journalist, cartoonist, and publisher in Vancouver, BC. He publishes the underground film magazine, Cinema Sewer (NSFW, unless your workplace is really awesome)

In this week’s Really Awful Movies Podcast, The Bougieman talks about how he started as a DIY comic book / zine artist and what movies were instrumental in getting him into grindhouse / exploitation films.

Bougie discusses the wacky Vice Squad, which features a down-on-her-luck/LAPD officer/businesswoman/prostitute (oh yeah, that again) going after a pimp played by Wings Hauser. Hauser starred in a Really Awful Movies favorite: Geteven (sic). Yep,  that’s one word.

Also in the discussion, The Toronto Comic Arts Festical (TCAF), Russ Meyer (Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Up!, Supervixens), the incomparably bizarre Olivia Newton John vehicle Xanadu, as well as women in prison films. The duo also tackles exploitation DVD covers and how they frequently have artwork with people who never appeared in the actual movie.

In this podcast, Jeff and Robin then talk about Death Wish 3, Turkish Death Wish rip-offs, The Walking Dead and the inexplicably Canadian stinker, Things.

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Horror movie authors and journalists who also review exploitation, action, grindhouse, kung fu, sci fi and other genre films. We are hosts of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, a celebration of low budget cinema - smart genre film chat, predominantly horror movies.

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