The Casebook of Eddie Brewer Give Away

Eddie_Brewer_PosterThe Casebook of Eddie Brewer is an upcoming Shock-O-Rama release and we have four copies to give away courtesy of Alternative Cinema.

Ian Brooker is superb in the titular role: A paranormal investigator being trailed by a documentary crew. Eddie’s been at this for over 30-years and is none-too impressed by the “new-school” investigators out there nor the debunker that has been hounding him for almost two decades.

As Eddie investigates two cases, one a girl who may be possessed by a malevolent force and the other a crumbling Eighteenth-century building that may be haunted, he is forced to confront his beliefs and even his sanity in the face of mounting terror.

Written and directed by Andrew Spencer, The Casebook of Eddie Brewer eschews gore and CGI in favor of old-school atmosphere, tension and suspense and is all the better for it. The film is legitimately scary and one hopes to see more of the adventures of Eddie Brewer in the future.

Eddie_BrewerTo win a copy, simply subscribe to our site by clicking the follow button on the side of the page. Current subscribers who wish to be entered can message us at reallyawfulmovies [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject header “Eddie Brewer.”

This contest is only eligible to residents of North America and participants have to claim their prize by responding to our winning email notification by February 25, 2015 or we reserve the right to give the prizes away to someone else.

Good luck and don’t forget to check out The Really Awful Movies Podcast!

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