The Hilarious House of Frightenstein: An Interview with Mitch Markowitz

hilarious-house-of-frightensteinOn this REALLY AWFUL MOVIES PODCAST  Mitch Markowitz, the associate producer, head writer and one of the stars (Super Hippy, The Mosquito) of The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, talks about the humble origins of the seminal show in Hamilton, Ontario (think Pittsburgh, but less glamorous) and how it became an unlikely, long-running, multi-generational global hit (and not just with high college students!)

Mitch talks about the inspiration for Austin Powers’ Mini Me character and how he enlisted the help of Toronto Ryerson University students to write the show.

Talk also focuses on penning sight gags for kids, puppetry, South African accents, how the legendary Vincent Price became involved with the show and how elements of it were improvised.

And of course, there’s a discussion about Count Frightenstein, Igor, The Wolfman, The Professor and the incredible cast of characters that made the show as memorable as it was.

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