Horror Movie Dictionary: Arrow

ARROW: An arrow in horror films is both a career vector, a weapon, and a metaphor. When it comes to actors, many became famous after slumming it in horror films, which at the time in terms of prestige, ranked marginally above daytime soaps and porn. Julia Louis-Dreyfus uttered a handful of words in Woody Allen’sContinue reading “Horror Movie Dictionary: Arrow”

Halloween H20: Revisited

John Carpenter priced himself out of the production, so it was up to Friday the 13th Part II and III director Steve Miner to fill his shoes for Halloween H20. But can anyone really fill Carpenter’s shoes? In this update (terrible title, my god) we meet Laurie Strode again, 20 years after the Haddonfield massacreContinue reading “Halloween H20: Revisited”