Blood Rage

How to ruin a thanksgiving dinner? Well, the proclamation “My psychotic brother just escaped!” post turkey-carving is one way to ruin appetites and that the only thing for which to be thankful might be escaping the clutches of some maniac. Blood Rage (AKA, Nightware at Shadow Woods) is a paint-by-numbers slasher, and yes, it’s one ofContinue reading “Blood Rage”

Dr. Giggles

Dr. Giggles is more of a discredit to the medical profession than a conference of homeopaths and is among the least imaginative slasher films you’ll ever see. And that’s saying something for a genre not actually known for summiting the peaks of creative ambition. The first 30 seconds is a cliché (a quote from Hippocrates), while Paul Rodgers caterwauls the awful “Bad Case of LovingContinue reading “Dr. Giggles”