Meatcleaver Massacre

You know you’re in trouble when a ponderous Christopher Lee narrates the following introduction to Meatcleaver Massacre: Coal black, dog-headed hags with bats’ wings, bloodshot eyes and snakes for hair, mad goddesses, who avenged crimes of parricide and perjury, wielding torches and brass-studded whips… those same furies that hounded Oedipus to death…could there be evenContinue reading “Meatcleaver Massacre”

Cheerleader Camp

“Cheer up, c’mon, we’re lookin’ at naked women here!” That’s the requisite jovial horror movie fat guy, a clinically obese cheerleader and buddy to 80s icon Leif Garrett (Brent) in the 1988 gore-fest Cheerleader Camp. Instead of fine-tuning his metabolism at fat camp, he’s at Camp Hurrah, a cheerleading competition camp. And wouldn’t you knowContinue reading “Cheerleader Camp”