Deadly Eyes

I’ve got Deadly Eyes…One look at you and I can’t disguise…that I’m reviewing a sh*tty 1982 tax-shelter picture in which Dachshunds and Yorkshire Terriers are dressed to look like giant killer rats. In the 70s, the Canadian government enacted “the one-hundred-percent Capital Cost Allowance for feature films deemed certifiably Canadian. This meant that anyone whoContinue reading “Deadly Eyes”

Motivational Growth

We all need a mentor in our lives. Someone who gives us a little guidance and sets us on the right path. A Tony Robbins-like figure to snatch us up by our bootstraps and elevate us to our highest potential. Granted, most don’t have immediate access to a freakishly tall, horse-toothed guru, so why not a giganticContinue reading “Motivational Growth”