A new book for fans of cult action cinema

Everyone knows the “needs no introduction” action heroes, most of whom can be announced through their surnames alone: Norris, Van Damme, Seagal. But there are a wealth of others that deserve their due as well, even if they’re not (but should be) household names. That’s where Mine’s Bigger Than Yours! The Wackiest Action Movies comesContinue reading “A new book for fans of cult action cinema”


Recoil is basically Stone Cold. That is, both Stone Cold, the Brian Bosworth movie (rogue muscle head law enforcement goes after a small town biker gang singlehandedly) and Stone Cold, the ex Bud-swilling WWE wrestler on whose brawny shoulders this one rests. While The Boz (as the incomparably named Joe Huff) went undercover to infiltrateContinue reading “Recoil”