A Force of One

Dojo karate instructor by day, ass-kicking underground pit fighting champ by night. That’s the narrative of about 1,000 80s action films, but at A Force of One has the benefit of starring Chuck Norris, the stoic, mop-topped meme king and martial arts phenom.  The plot? Members of the San Diego PD vice squad ranks areContinue reading “A Force of One”

12 Days of Christmas – Action Movie Edition

Wishing our readers a wonderful and very merry Christmas. In the spirit of all things glowering, roundhouse kicking, toothpick chewing, and one-liner dispensing, please check out our tribute to the holiday season, a version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, adapted for action movie fans. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Mine’sContinue reading “12 Days of Christmas – Action Movie Edition”