A new book for fans of cult action cinema

Everyone knows the “needs no introduction” action heroes, most of whom can be announced through their surnames alone: Norris, Van Damme, Seagal. But there are a wealth of others that deserve their due as well, even if they’re not (but should be) household names.

That’s where Mine’s Bigger Than Yours! The Wackiest Action Movies comes in, a sprawling action movie genre-hopping book that puts Reb Brown, Brian Bosworth, Vic Diaz, Howie Long, Matt Hannon, YK Kim and Michael Dudikoff up on the marquee so they can shine alongside the likes of global megastars like Schwarzenegger and Stallone.

The new book is a romp through the world of fisticuffs, jailbreaks, pit fighting, mercenaries, and really big explosions—all the stuff that makes action movies great.

This is a fun one for fans of action cinema. But don’t take it from us: the reviews are in!

“If you’re an action movie fan, a B-movie fan, a movie book fan, and or a fan of damn good and fascinating movie criticism, you should make an effort to track down, own, and read.”
411 Mania

“A must-read for action fans, clearly written with love for the genre.”
The Action Elite
“Interesting and hilarious…horrible action flicks that have flown under the radar.”
3rd Strike
The book, complete with a foreword by Ozploitation / Aussie action legend Brian Trenchard-Smith, is divided into chapters such as Dystopian Hell, Kick Ass Women, Revenge, The Long Arm of the Law and Stupor Heroes. There’s a little something for everyone.
Pick one up, and help support this site but also new episodes of the genre cinema celebration, the Really Awful Movies Podcast.
And horror fans, Death By Umbrella! The 100 Weirdest Horror Movie Weapons is our acclaimed first collaboration, what Scream called “Really entertaining and often amusing…like a greatest hits album with just the good kills…”

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Genre film reviewers covering horror and action films. Books include: Mine's Bigger Than Yours! The 100 Wackiest Action Movies and Death by Umbrella! The 100 Weirdest Horror Movie Weapons.

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