The Disco Exorcist

The_Disco_ExorcistA “lizard in a leisure suit,” Rex Romanski (it’s Polish) is prowling the dance floor and snorting lines off lovely ladies’ asses.

The Disco Exorcist is a grindhouse throwback with (disco) balls, double entendres like that one and nudity aplenty.

Hero Rex meets up with Rita, a ginger who “dances like the devil,” — apropos as she’s a voodoo priestess.

She has the polyestered one’s “unwavering admiration” (at least for the time being), as he bangs her on the backbeat back at his place then agrees to see her the next day, but not before a lunchtime porno theatre screening with DJ Manuel (There’s a blink and you’ll miss it reference to adult star Marilyn Chambers on a poster.)

Meanwhile, there’s adult star Amoreena Jones who’s seeing a Ouija soothsayer Sonya (Soyna — sic, on the sign. Whoops) inquiring about her love life before heading off to boogie the night away.

This leads to a dance floor cat fight between her and ginger Rita for disco Rex’s affection.

Disco_ExorcistAdult film fanboy Rex quickly moves on to his new paramour, visiting her on the set with director Bernie Munghat (Miracle on 69th Street, har har)  who despairs at the acting chops of Amoreena’s blonde roller boogie co-stars, “it’s a crime against pornography!”

Meanwhile, Rita is a woman scorned. And she has a collection of voodoo dolls and knows how to use ’em. Look out.

Snap your fingers and make a pistol gesture. This is a solid, fun (albeit slow-moving)  throwback horror. For more dance floor terror, check out Discopath and get down with your bad self.

*** (out of 5)

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