Horror Movie Giveaway

Courtesy of Video Services Corp, we have five films to give away. The lucky winner will receive DVD copies of the following films:

ABCs of Death 2:

ABCs_of_DeathLike its predecessor, ABCs of Death 2 features 26 short films, each from a different director, each representing a letter of the alphabet, and each dramatizing a novel way to shuffle off this mortal coil.

Highlight segments include “D”, a Kafkaesque, disturbing piece of surreal stop-motion animation reminiscent of a classic Tool video a la Prison Sex. “H” is a macabre little cartoon by master animator Bill Plympton with an unexpectedly explosive ending.

“J” by Dennison Romalho features an exorcism orchestrated by a father to cure a son of his homosexuality. The segment is alternately nightmarish, gory, sad, grueling and ultimately extremely poignant. “S” is a brutally efficient home invasion tale with effective use of split screen and an ironic twist ending worthy of an EC comic.

“T” is directed by The Soska Sisters (American Mary) and showcases a dehumanizing and sadistic audition which takes a twisted turn when the auditioner (Tristan Risk) turns the tables. “W” from Steven Kostanski wonders what would happen if Saturday morning toy commercials were real and features the same visual inventiveness, insane effects and exhilarating nuttiness that the director brought to his previous feature Manborg. Finally, the “Z” segment is a wickedly disgusting piece of body horror.

Make sure to stay through the closing credits for an unbelievably unexpected cameo!

The Sacrament:

the-sacrament-movie-posterDirected by Ti West (The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers), and presented by Eli Roth, The Sacrament tells the tale of VICE magazine photographer Patrick whose drug-addicted sister joins a sober living facility and then promptly goes missing.

Many months later, Patrick receives word that his sister is now part of a hidden commune called Eden Parish. He tells his editor Sam, and together with a videographer, venture to an undisclosed location to film “The VICE Guide to Rescuing Patrick’s Sister.”

Once inside Eden Parish, everything appears OK on the surface but something still doesn’t feel quite right. The compound is run by a Jim Jones type named Father whom the residents appear to worship. When a young girls slips Sam a note that reads “Please Help Us”, the trio learns that the idyllic paradise of Eden Parish belies something much more sinister.

Essentially a retelling of The Jonestown Massacre, The Sacrament features a superb performance by Gene Jones as Father.


“Did something happen in the woods?”

HoneymoonSomething always does and usually in cabins too remote to easily call for help.

Honeymoon offers a delicious side order of body horror to go along with a standard supernatural menu premise of “something evil and unforeseen lurking in the woods.”

Newlyweds Bea (Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie) and Paul head out to a family cottage in the wilderness and everything is blissful and fun-loving until he sees her sleepwalking in the woods. At that point, all kinds of hell breaks loose.

All Cheerleaders Die:

High school is basically prison except the cafeteria food is slightly worse.

All_Cheerleaders_Die_(2013_film_poster)A high school loser/social outcast Madison, has a hate-on for the cheerleading squad. She decides to, like the guy in Gangland Undercover, infiltrate the group (who are just as vicious as any outlaw biker).

Soon though, all these super hot chicks in short skirts, find a common enemy and the film veers into bitches who are witches, supernatural territory.

The programmer for TIFF’s Midnight Madness said the flick has a Buffy the Vampire Slayer feel. See for yourself. From Lucky McKee, the director of May and The Woman.

Prom_night_film_posterProm Night: 

Last but certainly not least, this 1980 classic featuring Leslie Nielsen (Naked Gun) and scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis has just about everything you need in a slasher:

-An escaped mental patient (“a catatonic schizophrenic!”)
-Creepy kids repeating a creepy phrase
-“Teens” who look like they could be working on their Master’s degrees
-Harassing phone calls
-Great period catchphrases (“sit on it, ape!”)
-Make out point
-A school bully
-A geek
-A creepy school maintenance guy/gardener
-A local authority who wants everyone to stay mum and “not create widespread panic”
-A masked maniac on the loose with an axe

To win all 5 movies, simply subscribe to our site by clicking the follow button on the side of the page. Current subscribers who wish to be entered can message us at reallyawfulmovies [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject header “5 Film Giveaway.”

This contest is eligible to residents of North America only and the winner must claim their prize by responding to our winning email notification by April 25, 2015 or we reserve the right to give the prizes away to someone else.

Good luck and don’t forget to check out The Really Awful Movies Podcast!

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  1. Sounds great! All Cheerleaders Die is on my wish list, Lucky McKee is a super talent! Thanks!


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