6 Horror Movie Ideas Based on Hit Movies

Everyone knows that the idea factory in Hollywood has been running under-capacity for decades now. And producers, there are ample opportunities to borrow liberally from tried and true success stories and run this ship aground as the movie business heads toward obsolescence. Horror people take note: there are great opportunities to be inspired by global box office hits. We’ve even provided tag-lines for this, our Horror Movie Ideas Based on Hit Movies. So all that’s left is to crank out a script in a week, find some foreign locale with ample tax incentives and a cast with a middling familiarity with the craft of acting and bam….you’re nearly there. And don’t forget to credit us for the ideas. We’ll take a percent off the backend.

The only thing more horrifying than Bad Teacher…is the level of graphic design expertise that went into creating the poster!

Bad Teacher:

Underfunded, overworked and just plain fed up. When schoolteacher Elizabeth Halsey has to mark 30 insipid book reviews of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” something snaps. She goes on a killing spree where no student is safe.

Tag Line: She’ll grade you and then she’ll blade you!


Super Bad:

Your building super. He’ll fix your plumbing, he’ll unclog your toilet, but don’t you dare play your stereo too loud after 10 p.m. It’ll be the last sound you’ll ever hear.

Tag Line: Your first month’s rent may be your last!


hORRIBLE_BOSSESHorrible Bosses:

Hell is running low on staff and Satan needs to do a little recruiting. He figures a bunch of office drones will fit the bill quite nicely. He sends his minions in the guise of superiors to a Paper-cup manufacturing company to harvest a plethora of subordinate souls.

Tag Line: Welcome to your quarterly evaluation…from Hell!


Crave Heart:

William Wallace, a cannibal, leads a Scottish revolt against cruel English tyrants who are just so plump and juicy.

Tag Line: He fights for freedom…to eat human flesh!


Glad He Ate Her:

Ancient Rome was a depraved, decadent place. When evil Emperor Commodus and his sister/wife capture a bunch of citizens to fight to death in the arena, they didn’t count on Maximus whose only weapon is his razor sharp teeth. Soon he’s snacking his way throughout the Coliseum.

Tag Line: Enter the arena…better bring your appetite ‘cause he certainly will!


The Godfather:

He’ll baptize you, capsize you, and incise you, all in the name of the lord.

Tag Line: Prepare for a baptism…in blood!

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