Prom Night (2008)

Rob Zombie’s Halloween reboot was a lurid disappointment, perhaps because the source material was practically untouchable. Still, that one’s worth a look as Zombie’s a dynamite filmmaker even if Malcom McDowell should have had tobacco shoved into hisĀ gob as he’s chewing the scenery so egregiously. The original Prom Night is a very minor classic inContinue reading “Prom Night (2008)”


In iMurders you get to see Billy Dee Williams gleefully read aloud BBMs. You also get to witness the thrill of hearing someone explain what they can do with a Blackberry (read emails! check stock quotes!). As a companion to this review, check out our iMurders Blubrry podcast discussion, Social Media and Horror Movies. RatherContinue reading “iMurders”