“I bet you 500 you can’t go three minutes with Bruno.” Them’s fightin’ words, literally, as the wager is issued to the sexy star of this “EROTIC KUNG FU CLASSIC,” Firecracker. Bruno, heavy set and sporting a grey gi and giant pompadour, has just snapped  an opponent’s arm in a no-holds-barred fighting match, held in whatContinue reading “Firecracker”

Too Hot to Handle

Wide lapels, wah-pedal funk guitar, stick-fighting, S&M, avocado target practise, (real) cockfighting and a femme fatale? All key ingredients  to a fantastic 70s B-movie stew. Too Hot to Handle, a 1977 Roger Corman production, also features a slew of international accents (Dutch, Floridian, Filipino, Israeli) and is set in beautiful Manila, making great use ofContinue reading “Too Hot to Handle”