Demons 2

  CHECK OUT OUR DISCUSSION OF DEMONS 1 and 2 on the Really Awful Movies Podcast. ********** The residents of this apartment complex could use a tenants’ association. Demons 2 continues where Demons 1 left off: that is to say, springing to life from a bad movie. However,┬áthe movie-within-a-movie in the sequel isn’t nearly asContinue reading “Demons 2”

Cannibal Apocalypse

“It’s a contagious illness that manifests itself like a kind of rabies!” Sold. Love virus movies like Cannibal Apocalypse, especially ones that throw in unnecessary Vietnam war exploitation (a German Shepherd with a bomb collar blows up in the first two minutes) and featuring a cast of b-movie big-shots and Italian nobodies with dubbed voices.Continue reading “Cannibal Apocalypse”