The Adventures of Hercules

Those who suspected that the makers behind 1983’s Hercules were a little coo-coo for cocoa puffs were undoubtedly convinced that straitjackets were on the mandate after watching the 1985 sequel The Adventures of Hercules, a movie that is even more stupendously demented than its already pretty-fucking ludicrous predecessor. Ah Canon Films, how we love you! LikeContinue reading “The Adventures of Hercules”

Hollywood Cop

Four years before Iranian director Amir Shervan pinched out the delightful turd known as Samurai Cop, he was already beginning to circle the drain with Hollywood Cop. While not as astoundingly awful as its notorious successor, Hollywood Cop is nonetheless craptacularly entertaining in its own right. The film begins at the home of a crimeContinue reading “Hollywood Cop”