The Faculty

This one is The Invasion of the BEd Snatchers, as teachers one by one seem to be transforming weirdly at Ohio’s Herrington High. The Faculty┬áteachers have had their mental faculties altered by a malevolent force that’s coming for the students, “hey, teachers leave those kids alone.” The school’s resident nerd, Casey (elfin cerulean-eyed Elijah Wood)Continue reading “The Faculty”

I Know What You Did Last Summer

A concoction with unblended bits of The Mutilator, Urban Legend, and of course, Scream, The “I Know What You Did Last Summer smoothie” is drinkable enough…question is, whether it’s good for you. Usually, when a reviewer has zero recollection of having experienced something, there’s a reason for it. Chalk it up to multiple movie-induced FalseContinue reading “I Know What You Did Last Summer”