It Came from Outer Space

Meteor meets mine out in the Arizona desert in It Came from Outer Space. Except it’s not a meteor, as amateur astronomers are initially led to believe, but a titanium box structure with a hexagonal hatchway, not unlike the Cannon Films logo. There’s a trail of weird fairy dust leading up to the craft, and somethingContinue reading “It Came from Outer Space”

Phantom from Space

RED WARNING. 8:11. Height: 50,000 feet. Estimated speed: 5,000 miles/hr. In Phantom from Space, an unidentified flying object is first spotted in Alaska. It then speeds down the coast via Vancouver to Santa Monica and finally (and conveniently) to Los Angeles, California, where filming these quickies was the cheapest. If this were being filmed today, itContinue reading “Phantom from Space”