Bloodsucking Freaks

Think of the most ridiculous things you could ever think of, and you would see that, and then even worse. If you watch Bloodsucking Freaks, you really don’t have much of a taste in films” Wrestling Superstar Chris Jericho In horror, you have the mainstream. “Scary” films for the masses such as Insidious, The Conjuring,Continue reading “Bloodsucking Freaks”

Nail Gun Massacre

Seldom has a film lived up to its billing. You want nail guns? You want massacres? You want nail guns AND massacres? Well, cut-rate mob-approved contractor, you’ve come to the right place. It’s Nail Gun Massacre. The elevator pitch for this one doesn’t even require going up one floor: Construction workers rape a woman andContinue reading “Nail Gun Massacre”