Desert Fiends

Not to be confused with Deadly Friend, but hopefully with enough juice to knock your block off, Desert Fiends is described as “A Super Gory Horror Comedy Slasher Film.”

By the looks of it, this IndieGogo production’s backers are serious. After all, who else would be that liberal in deploying title case font?

Take a look at the production, here.

And if you like what you see, go over to the Deadly Fiends Horror Comedy page and support this.

Besides, by the looks of things, you can still get yourself Associate Producer Credit.

Here at Really Awful Movies, we are all about supporting/championing indie horror, and hell, horror of all stripes that we deem underseen.

One of us has producer credit on the fun, Buffalo-lensed comedy horror, Killer Rack (which is like it sounds – fun).

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