Don’t Look in the Basement

Not nearly as fun as Etta James’ floor shaker, In the Basement, this is a movie that’s ostensibly got something to do with a basement. And it kinda does. Very very tangentially, and not nearly as much as James’ song. Don’t Look in the Basement is also known as The Forgotten, which is a real soft ball title to lob a critic’s way.

Stephens Sanitarium is an understaffed healthcare facility overseen by one (almost literally one) Dr. Stephens. When he’s given the axe, so to speak, by one of the patients, the place is short-staffed. That’s where Charlotte Beale (Rosie Holotik from Horror High) comes in. She’s a nurse and new hire, who’s (barely) shown the ropes by attending physician Dr. Geraldine Masters, a possible veiled reference to researchers Masters and Johnson perhaps? Dr Livingstone we presume?

This is a genre one might call, “psychsploitation” in that the treatment of the mentally ill is rather…how shall we put it? Out of fashion. Then again, the psychiatric profession has a lot to answer for. Not to get all Tom Cruise, but it’s not too many generations ago where lobotomies* were the order of the day.

That might be an explanation as to why this thing is so odd. Of course, this was the 70s and that was definitely an “experimental” time for movies. And we’re just talking about the drugs.

In Don’t Look in the Basement, poor African American Sam, in a state of perma-infantalization, suffered through the hideous lobotomy procedure (though the ice pick was not depicted on screen). He’s left to play with a toy boat.

The rest of the hospice residents are filled out with a guy who thinks he’s a judge (played by Gene Ross of The Goonies), a nympho, a crazed ginger, an elderly lady with unhinged coif there purely for Margaret Atwood hair jump scares, a man who lost his platoon and still thinks he’s at war, and assorted other out-of-date and yet fascinating depictions of the mentally ill.

This movie is quirky and definitely worth a look.

*** (out of 5)


[*Editors’ note: Surgical pioneer Walter Freeman, even drove around the countryside in a mobile / recreational vehicle doing the grisly procedure!]

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