Shock Stock 2016

Shock Stock BannerThere really is no other horror/genre convention like Shock Stock.

Held in London, Ontario and put on by James Bialkowski and Jake W. Grimbro, Shock Stock is a bit of everything: A horror con, a film fest, and a party. But most importantly, it’s a reunion.

More than any other con out there, Shock Stock truly feels less like a con and more like a gathering of friends and family, some of whom you haven’t seen for a while but are super excited to see again. Part of that is the intimate nature of it all. Held in London’s Centennial Hall, Shock Stock is just big enough that there’s always something to see and do, but not too big as to be overwhelming. But what truly makes Shock Stock special is the “we’re all in this together” vibe that Shock Stock fosters. We all – convention attendees, vendors and guests alike – stay at the same hotel, eat our meals together, and go to the same parties together. Fast friendships are either forged or renewed. Hence, when the weekend ends, the Shock Stock comedown begins, where you sadly realize you may not see these great people for a while. But then you realize there’s always next year and all is right with the world again!

Enjoy the pics and listen to our Shock Stock episode of the Podcast, featuring interviews with all the guests.

Horror Rama 2015 003

London’s historic Centennial Hall


Horror Rama 2015 006
Evil Dead 2’s Danny Hicks







Horror Rama 2015 008
John Waters’ muse Mink Stole
Horror Rama 2015 011
Kevin Van Hentenryk from Basket Case






Horror Rama 2015 012
We’ll always miss you, Joe.
Horror Rama 2015 014
Snuggling with Evil Angel star Kleio Valentien






Horror Rama 2015 022
The Rack arrives courtesy of actor/Best Screenplay winner Paul McGinnis








Horror Rama 2015 018
Yes, he’s that tall. The Misfit’s Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein











Horror Rama 2015 024
The Killer Rack!









Horror Rama 2015 016
Lloyd Kaufman, and he’s holding the book!









Horror Rama 2015 029
First Jason Ari Lehman






Horror Rama 2015 030
Chillin’ at the Station Inn in preparation for Day 2







Horror Rama 2015 031
With Greg Lamberson, author (Johnny Gruesome, Black Creek) and filmmaker (Slime City/Killer Rack)










Horror Rama 2015 019
Tristan Risk, Madeline Brumby and Ellie Church of Frankenstein Created Bikers

Horror Rama 2015 036

– Taking a break outside the hall. The weekend was scorching hot and there’s still the legendary Call the Office party with performances by Chris Alexander, Maurizio Guarini (Goblin), First Jason and Sprocket Damage to look forward to!


Call the Office
Relaxing with friends on the patio at Call the Office. Seated next to me is Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer). We spent a while talking about Xanadu. Kevin and Danny are having a conversation of their own in the back.


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2 thoughts on “Shock Stock 2016

  1. Nothing is better than a good convention.

    I’m a little jealous. I’d love to meet Robin Bougie. Can’t think of many people that I’d want to chat with more. I kind of fancied myself an expert on sleaze until I discovered Cinema Sewer.

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