Death By Umbrella_coverThe writers of this site have been very busy over the past year, not only keeping up a rigorous film review and podcasting schedule, but also finishing up our first book: DEATH BY UMBRELLA! THE 100 WEIRDEST HORROR MOVIE WEAPONS.

It’s a fun filled look at many of our favorite horror movies and methods of expiry in those films. The films covered run the gamut – from indie to big budget, domestic to foreign, silly to serious. Some of the films we lampoon, some we lionize, and you can bet that some of your favorites or covered within. We’re absolutely thrilled at how it turned out and hope you’ll all pick up a copy.

It’s available right now on Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble as well as on Bear Manor Media in soft and hardcover editions. More formats and updates to come.

With photos and a foreword by none other than Uncle Lloyd Kaufman himself, we break down some of our favorite and most unique horror movie deaths and some of the oddest weapons you’ll ever come across in horror movies.

As a bonus, there’s awesome art by our extraordinarily talented buddies, Jack Chattox and Jerky LeBoeuf.

Thank you for continuing to read our site and for listening to the Really Awful Movies Podcast.


  1. Thank you so much. You’ve been a supporter of us from the very beginning and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!

    Since it is small press, I do believe it is only available as in import. If you order direct from the publisher rather than Amazon, the shipping cost (to Toronto that is) is $7.00 U.S. Or pile on a few Blu-Rays and get free shipping at 🙂

    Either way, thanks a bunch. It means the world.


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