StalkedLittle Mikey is saved from a vegetable skid falling on him. The Good Samaritan who intervened? It turns out not so good as he’s a clean-cut guy undergoing therapy, who has mommy issues.

Uh oh.

Here’s Stalked, AKA, Welcome to Fear. And we’re pretty sure we know where this one is going sans GPS.

The grateful boy’s beret-wearing mother Brooke, says the Good Samaritan Daryl can enjoy a meal on the house at her restaurant, Elysium.

Daryl rushes home excitedly and his drunk chain-smoking mother will hear nothing of his heroic actions.

Soon, Daryl is a regular fixture at the restaurant and in subsequent visits, saving it from a grease fire. For his valiant acts, he’s invited over for what he misinterprets as a date.

And he’s a bit of a nutter. Of course, the first “date” development is shared at his support group led by a greasy psychologist, a pony-tailed “THE-RAPIST,” as Daryl puts it. One of his fellow patients shares the foreshadowing and quite unsurprising insight that “you’re taking things too far, too fast!” (“We share a bond, one that goes deeper than words”).

Before you know it, this bond is being expressed by Daryl surreptitiously photographing Brooke, stalking her (hence the title) and recording himself saying, “know thine enemy.”

Mommy dearest is shoved down the stairs to the strains of a rip-off Psycho theme, but instead of a shower death she’s subjected to waterworks of a different sort: H20 poured down her gullet, drowning her.

Star Maryam d’Abo is easily confused with cousin Olivia, best known for being Kevin Arnold’s hippie sister on The Wonder Years.

Stalked is a rainy day time-waster thriller.

** (out of 5)

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One thought on “Stalked

  1. One of my very favorite awful movies. Jay Underwood’s scenery-chewing turn is only outdone by the chain-smoking mother. Hilariously terrible. Probably second only to ‘Starcrash’, a dreadful Star Wars clone with English Bond girl and scream queen Caroline Munro on my top, or bottom, 10 of bad flicks.

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