From Beyond

From_beyond_posterOn the Really Awful Movies Podcast this week, From Beyond, which is an adaption of a short story by HP Lovecraft involving a quest to discover a sixth sense through stimulation of the pineal gland.

Starring the incomparable Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Crawford Tillinghast, (basically reprising his role as the highly driven and anal-retentive Dr. Herbert West from Re-Animator) who along with the evil Dr. Pretorius develops “The Resonator,” a levered mad scientist machine that allows humans to see into another dimension, one populated by creepy crawlies.

In this week’s episode of the podcast we discuss:

-Our love of all things Lovecraft and Stuart Gordon (about whom Roger Ebert said, “his mission seems to be to return real fear, real depravity, to the horror film…”) Mission accomplished

-How every mad scientist machine is operated with a lever (and no safety switch)

-The speedo-sporting Ken Foree (who’s best known for Dawn of the Dead)

-Eels and protuberances (oh those protuberances)

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