Burial Ground

Title multiplicity is in full effect here: the wackier the movie, the more likely a title mouthful. Burial Ground is known by its original handle, Le Notti del terrore, Nights of Terror, but also Zombi Horror and The Zombie Dead. (That last one seems a bit redundant unless you’re splitting definitional hairs; Zombies could be considered “undead.”) In Peter Normanton’s The Mammoth BookContinue reading “Burial Ground”

City of the Living Dead

In Lucio Fulci’s City of the Living Dead, a strung out Margaret Atwood-looking medium (pictured, right) is operating a séance in New York City. It’s a scene made all the more otherworldly by both the ADR not matching the moving mouths (Italian style) and when one of the attendees, Mary, experiences a hellish vision: a priest swinging fromContinue reading “City of the Living Dead”