20 Signs You Might Be in a Bad Horror Movie

Twenty Signs You Might Be in a Bad Horror Movie 1. You open your kitchen cabinet and a hissing cat inexplicably jumps out at you. Sometimes, for variety, an off-screen cat will break something a la Friday the 13th: The New Beginning or they’ll jump out of a garbage can (Halloween II) and scare theContinue reading “20 Signs You Might Be in a Bad Horror Movie”


Italian film producers in the late 70’s and early 80’s excelled at taking hit American films and then ripping them off completely. Hence, Jaws begat The Last Shark, Alien begat Contamination, Conan begat Conquest and Star Wars begat Starcrash. Starcrash is a film that on paper boasts an impressive pedigree. It stars Christopher Plummer, DavidContinue reading “Starcrash”