Exit Wounds

Despite having a Polish director and a star, Steven Seagal, who was granted Russian citizenship a few years back, Exit Wounds practically counts as Canadian. The 2001 action effort is filmed in Toronto, Hamilton and Calgary, has Jill Hennessy, and has exterior shots of the country’s national broadcaster, the CBC, and also prominent visuals ofContinue reading “Exit Wounds”

The Mist

Interesting fact: “Mist” in German, means “crap.” Luckily, unlike many a Stephen King adaptation, this one is anything but. The Mist is a loving tribute to the 60s creature feature, with Frank Darabount (who directed the King-lyThe Green Mile/The Shawshank Redemption) helming a character-driven insider-outsider dynamic set in Maine (of course) against the backdrop ofContinue reading “The Mist”