Terror in the Jungle

If you threw a 60s beach movie and Airport 79 into a blender (with equal parts Alive and Cannibal Ferox), you’d have a Terror in the Jungle smoothie. Disparate characters arrive for a flight to Rio, including what sounds like the beginning of a joke (a nun, an actress, and a business man). Also along for the ride,Continue reading “Terror in the Jungle”

Kiss Me Quick

For a brief period in the 60s, the nudie cutie sub-genre founds its footing. The Immoral Mr. Teas, Russ Meyer’s uber-cheap $24,000-dollar production grossed $1 million + bucks in 1959, as a kind of lecher version of Man with the X-Ray Eyes, in which a man has the ability to see through women’s clothing. KissContinue reading “Kiss Me Quick”