Army of Darkness

You can’t spell “Swashbuckling” without A-S-H. Army of Darkness is a Herculean departure from the Evil Dead series, as different from the other entries as it’s possible to be. And to purists, this will matter a great deal. The Evil Deal was so influential, and left so many imitators choking on its afterburners that it’sContinue reading “Army of Darkness”

Cult of Chucky

The voices of Brad Dourif and Danny deVito sound so similar they could be… twins…Anyway, Cult of Chucky does double-up, but on Dourifs. Brad’s daughter Fiona (known for her role as a prostitute sent out to the badlands of Deadwood, and as Casey in True Blood) co-stars with dad in this, the 7th installment ofContinue reading “Cult of Chucky”