Raiders of the Lost Shark Giveaway


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, along come weaponized sharks that have escaped from a secret military lab, genetically engineered and programmed to hunt any human within range. There goes the vacation!

In Raiders of the Lost Shark, two wildlife conservation officers (or were they security guards? It was hard to tell) violate workplace protocol by bringing over their attractive girlfriends for some on-the-job hanky-panky. They decide to go for a swim and then…

No spoilers there, but given the title. You pretty much know what you’re in for. And you better believe that includes lots of carnage!

Meanwhile, at a nearby college, one Professor Reynolds, an oceanographer whose sister was involved in a terrible undersea mishap years earlier, tells her students that 20-million-year old giant megalodons could still be extant.

Raiders_of_the_lost_Shark_captainThis is the stuff of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, and a much-maligned documentary in scare quotes, which delved into whether there were 50-tonne pelagic exemplars still roaming the high seas.

But in Raiders of the Lost Shark, they do one better: the shark is a fresh-water dweller. And it can fly!

Raiders_of_the_lost_Shark_stillWith lines like “A pair of townies from down at the tavern are missing!” and “my horoscope was right, you’re no good for me,” Raiders has tongue firmly in cheek.

It’s campy, it’s low budget, there are babes a plenty, ineffectual authority figures and a salty sea captain.

And It’s exactly the kind of fare we routinely review on this site (because we love to and it’s our duty).

Courtesy of WILD EYE RELEASING, the purveyors of micro-budget masterpieces such as CoyoteHI-8, and Murder University, we have five copies of Raiders of the Lost Shark to give away.

To win a copy, simply subscribe to our site by clicking the follow button on the side of the page. Current subscribers who wish to be entered can message us at reallyawfulmovies [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject header “Lost Shark.”

And who knows? There just might be some excellent runner-up prizes as well. And be sure to check out the Really Awful Movies Podcast too, with new episodes every Saturday.

This contest is eligible to residents of North America only and the winner must claim their prize by responding to our winning email notification by June 30, 2015 or we reserve the right to give the prizes away to someone else.

Good Luck and stay out of the water!

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3 thoughts on “Raiders of the Lost Shark Giveaway

  1. I’d say this movie is awful but it’s not a movie at all, more like an awful video project by high school students made in a few hours. Total garbage and not fun bad or funny bad just sad bad as I saw another reviewer so perfectly put it.
    Avoid this awful video at all costs, it will waste 60 minutes of your life but feels more like 4 and a half hours.


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